The EMLRA and Forum

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The EMLRA and Forum

Postby emlra admin » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:40 pm

Greetings fellow enthusiast of the military land rover variety.
As you may well be aware the EMLRA is an organisation that is there for owners or those with an interest of Ex Military Land Rovers.
We can enrol you as a fully paid up member, which of course we would prefer, for just £22.50 (£17.50per year for e-copy newsletter) you could receive a newsletter 6 times a year and membership card and the hospitality and friendliness of us at various shows and functions around the country. Nothing like attending shows as part of a group !
that’s the link to join the 500+ current members of the EMLRA, our membership secretary is great chap who will process your application pronto and supply you with some goodies.

Should you not wish to join the EMLRA as a full member then we as a club are happy at present to afford you a privilege of the use of the forum, please bear in mind the agreement you read at the time of your forum application.
There’s lots to see within the forum and there are some fantastic contributors whom certainly know their stuff, be it a scale model of a particular vehicle or the specifics behind contracts and detail differences on the Lightweight Land Rover.

There are in all aspects of life ways of improving things or doing things differently, so if you have any suggestions and forward thinking ideas for the EMLRA then let us know.
Please bear in mind the committee have a home life and a working life as well as volunteering their time but rest assured will get back to you with a response.
A list of contacts is available on the main home page,click on the committee tab and feel free to contact a member .
Our motto is ‘Serving the enthusiast’
my motto is, if you dont get an answer let me know and I will try and find out !
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