24v FFR Winterised

Been looking for this book on the Lightweight? Good news a reprint is planned in 2010, comments or possible updates for new edition are welcome.

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24v FFR Winterised

Postby Rover8FFR » Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:10 pm

I am finding that there are a few variations on a theme across the Land, Air & Sea versions of a winterised FFR / Lightweight depending upon 12v/ 24v, GS/FFR etc etc etc.

Also there appear to be differeing details between rad covers and battery storage locations.

My FFR has a less common front rad cover and batteries stored over rear wheel arches as per images.

I would be interested to learn what other versions are available/ typical so as to exchange notes etc.


http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv79 ... AG0114.jpg

http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv79 ... AG0226.jpg

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Re: 24v FFR Winterised

Postby 24 Spline Hub » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:41 pm

Hello Wayne,

I am also interested in winterised Lightweights. I agree, there does seem to be differences in how many winterized parts were fitted. Are you restoring the one in the photos, or did you just photograph it for reference? I am new to this forum so have not yet had a chance to see what information has been collected about this Land Rover variant.

I am currently trying to find details of every separate operation which was carried out to Lightweights to winterise them. I then intend to try to put together a definitive guide to what features they had, by service arm, i.e Army, RAF etc. Maybe someone has already done this, could save me a job! Any info on this topic would be much appreciated.

Regards Jon
24 Spline Hub
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Re: 24v FFR Winterised

Postby andrewjsimpson1977 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:47 pm

Jon - I would be very interested in reading that - have a growing interest in Winterised vehicles (particularly Lightweights).

I hope one day to have an FFR to go with my GS. Ideally I would reproduce the winterised format on the FFR, as I think a full on arctic radio truck would be quite something to see.

All the best,

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Re: 24v FFR Winterised

Postby GrumpyB formerly FULLTILT » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:04 pm

24 Spline Hub , filled in the last in-service detail for the RM / Army version (soft-top) - the later front windscreen blind.

Here :-


If you search this Forum on 'winterized' you will find how all known variations 12 volt and FFR (in the main the actual variations - probably 'slave-start' variations). There are a few ex- FFR's around , they would never need a slave-start battery :) the survivors - show the rear starting battery boxes ( I remember giving a few of these the eyeball). I have some full kits (conversion) + heat exchangers (inc. a 24 volt fan one) that were not part of the full kit :lol: Kits now more or less unobtanium new. Sometime - I intend converting a 12 volt but with early type duck blinds. I have a spare FFR but would not cut the tub for the batteries , however I have a slightly damaged tub that I may donate.

There is just a little unknown about the RAF hardtop 'winterized' , IIRC some of these had the heat exchanger in the tub. probably the only area now in need of research is the HT 'Helistart' . The problem being that there are hardly any "In-Service" photographs of all three services - and I doubt if any fresh ones will ever be turned out :roll:

IMHO - all is known about the body / floor insulation , from ones viewed at disposals - there seemed to be a few minor variations.

Most certainly at 1993 - I can say that 'genuine conversions' produced by C.J. Williams Ltd , the VRM's are / were all known (the MD told me so) . Protec Precision (the successors to C.J. Williams) of Aldershot possibly still keep these records. Possibly I should have asked the MD for a copy at the time , the other thingie I recall - he was very pleased to have a few L'wt parked on his lawn awaiting conversion. Vehicles (Lightweights) - converted using the "kits" by REME , well after conversion the trucks were re-allocated a different NSN - so that would make for a good FOI request , then subtract the total of L'wt converted by C.J. Williams = No. of REME / ABRO conversions :D (presently a statistic : unknown).
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