LRO Artical on Suffolk

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LRO Artical on Suffolk

Postby mkeating » Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:33 am

It was with some reluctance that I purchased the October issue of LRO
as on the whole LADS MAGS are not on my reading list.

However LRO does sometimes carry a little gem in the Green lane section.
The October Mag carries such a gem.

Not to spoil the read I will only comment on my observation of the Guy who wrote the artical as he also
1 Solo's
2 Not affraid to get his top off
3 Sticks to the LAW

Its an intresting read and reflects a true spirit of being on the Lanes.
To be frank, he could have done a little clearing whilst out, but I guess time was not on his side.

Still as its on my Patch as it were, I could pop up and ''attend''
Could evern become a TREAD LIGHTLY project :idea:

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